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Why Interior Design Matters

why interior design matters

Discover the power of well-designed spaces and the positive impacts interior design has. Come on this journey with us and learn why interior design matters in our latest blog post.

Why Interior Design Matters

Interior design is the key to opening your space and creating an oasis for you to work and live in! The main goal of any interior designer is to create a space that suits and celebrates your lifestyle. The art of interior design adds specific context to art principles to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Express Yourself

Interior design is the foundation for expressing your unique lifestyle. The design process combines your input with a creative process, and the resulting output becomes your home. Your input is the specific furniture, decor pieces, colour palettes, materials, and textures you choose and want to display in your space. The creative process is how you combine and display your colour palette, materials and textures.

This is where you get to play around with how much one colour dominates the room, the style of decor you choose, and the layout chosen to create a specific flow for the space. The output of this process represents your unique lifestyle and needs, wants, interests and quirks. From start to finish, you are the sole choice maker! Whether you tackle the project alone or team up with an interior designer, the result will always emphasise your tastes, style and unique lifestyle!

The design process is a guideline used by interior designers to create a cohesive and enriching interior design style for your home. It helps you express and celebrate your life and the lives of those you live with. Interior design gives you the chance to create a space that can be sentimental and is filled with furniture and decor pieces passed down throughout your family.

It can also show off your risky side by using bold colour palettes or quirky and evoking artworks.

Without interior design, your space may be cluttered and overwhelming, negatively affecting your overall well-being. It is a useful tool for imagining the person you want to grow into and how you want to live!

Become Functional

Aesthetics, a crucial design characteristic, doesn’t solely create a cohesive space. Pairing aesthetics with functionality does. Functionality is all about optimally using and managing the space. It speaks to the layout of furniture across the floor space, the type of storage pieces being used, and whether the overall flow created suits the people living or working in that space.

It pushes designers to solve problems in creative ways that are both beautiful and serve a purpose. This speaks to types of storage innovations, designing optimal floor plans and layouts, adding depth and character to functional spaces, investing in renewable energy sources to create a self-sustaining home, the list goes on!

Modern times have made clear the lack of new spaces to use and build on, not to mention the rise in real estate costs. Functionality allows designers to optimally use and sustainably manage the space available to us affordably. This is especially important to those buying and remodelling property for the first time or those starting new business ventures with strict budgets. Our tip for keeping track of the functionality of a space is to create an interior design moodboard. Here you can highlight the important functional aspects of your space and visually pair it with an aesthetic, creating a cohesive design full of interest and character!

Enhance Identity

Whether you are the centre of your space or your business, interior design will undoubtedly enhance and express your brand. Aesthetics and functionality are the golden keys to unlocking visions for spaces. Creating colour palettes, pairing textures and materials and planning creative layouts become unique to your identity.

Ask yourself what the purpose of the space you want to design is. Once you’ve laid that foundation, adding aesthetics makes your identity unique. Think about the types of artwork that you like or unique textures you love having around you. Take a little risk and see how you can be rewarded with an enhanced and one-of-a-kind identity for your space!

Think about your favourite coffee shop, restaurant, or holiday retreat. These spaces have all been designed for specific functionalities, give purpose to the user, and are breathtakingly beautiful to look at and live in. Interior design is what sets each home and business apart and keeps you coming back for more.

All About SWD

Sarah Watermeyer Design is well-versed in designing spaces that suit our clients’ unique needs and lifestyles. Over the past 27 years, our team has worked locally and internationally, creating spaces with optimal functionality and breathtaking aesthetic appeal.

As a leading interior designer in Gauteng, Sarah emphasises that interior design is about understanding how people live and how functionality plays a role in their lifestyles. Sarah envisions the interior space as a theatre stage through which actors move, making use of everything within it. Each play has a different story, and each home has different inhabitants.

At SWD, every job is a new and vastly unique production. Our clients have distinct personalities and we strive to capture these in the homes that we design, keeping our clients coming back for more.

Contact us or browse our gallery for inspiration on your next design project!


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