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  • Sarah Watermeyer Design

Introducing ZAZAAN

Over the past 24 years, Sarah Watermeyer Design has designed and produced a plethora of purpose-made items for use on our design jobs, resulting in a unique catalogue of curated items that compliment our clients’ styles.

We are so excited to announce that ZAZAAN, born out of this catalogue, is live, TODAY!

ZAZAAN is a curated online homeware collection, inspired by originality, colour, and the celebration of life.

Sarah’s eclectic style shines through in her designs, inspired by the bright colours of our beautiful country; our fauna and flora, our unique melting pot of cultures and personalities.

ZAZAAN is more than an online store. It is a platform that aims to inspire people to break the mould, to move spontaneously through life. ZAZAAN aims to inspire a shift from the classic and modern, to a kind of folk design that represents the colour and incongruity of the human experience.


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