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How Interior Design Affects Your Mental Health

Research has shown that various interior design and decor techniques can reduce anxiety and depression. With many people still working from home, it is essential that our home spaces are designed to promote positive mental health.

In this blog, we'll be taking you through a couple of approaches to home design that have been proven to boost mental well-being.

spacious floor plan
Spacious furniture layouts are associated with a general sense of ease and a boost in mood.

Space and layout

Being able to move through a space with ease is an imperative consideration when designing a home with mental well-being in mind.

“There is nothing more frustrating that attempting to live in and move through a cluttered, badly-designed spatial layout,” Sarah says.

Keep things light and breezy with spacious layouts and open-plan design.

bright dining area
Windows and doors that cover an entire area of wall will let more sunlight into your home.

Natural light is key

It is a well-known fact that more exposure to sunlight is associated with positive mental health.

Invite sunlight into your home by incorporating large windows and doors into your home design. In darker spaces, use reflective surfaces like mirror and white walls to bounce more light around the room.

orchids in living room
Orchids are a lovely colourful addition to any home.

Bring the garden inside

Houseplants and flowers have been shown to promote positive mental and physical health.

Keep your home full-of-life and positive energy by investing in a couple of flowers and plants for your home.

“An interactive home space is a happy home space,” says Sarah. “Having plants to look after is a wonderful way to create an interactive environment in your home.”

marble countertop
Using textured marble is a wonderful way to bring a sense of earthiness to a space.

Let the elements in

Home design that embraces the elements; earth, wind, water, and fire, has been proven to make people feel more comfortable and less anxious in their homes.

"I like to bring in textures of the earth into my clients' homes," says Sarah Watermeyer. "Using marble in my designs is one of my favourite ways to bring an earthy feel into a space."

colourful barstools
Incorporate colourful furnishings in your home décor to promote a positive mood.

Colour yourself happy!

Surrounding yourself with some of your favourite colours is a great way to keep yourself happy and comfortable in your home space.

Studies have shown that homes with colourful additions promote a good overall mood.

"I love to add pops of colour to a home through furnishings and other decor elements. It's a wonderful way to make a home a happy space," says Sarah Watermeyer.

art in a home
Add a touch of personality to your space through art and decor elements.

Indulge in art and décor

Adding personal touches to your home through art and décor is one of the best ways to add a touch of personality to a room, which will no doubt make you feel happy and at home in your space.

"I purchase items with my clients to brighten up their home, but I also use their existing art and decor elements to make their space feel truly their own," explains Sarah.

“The art and décor items in your home tell a story about who you are as an inhabitant of the space,” says Sarah. “Don’t be afraid to share your story when decorating your space!”

Need some help brightening up your space? Contact us today for a consultation.


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