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  • Annemieke van Nieuwkerk

Inspiring Projects: A Tour of Iconic Decor and Design in Johannesburg

In this latest blog, we tour the iconic scenes of decor and design in Johannesburg. We touch on essentials that make up the vibrant decor and design scene and showcase places that inspire Sarah Watermeyer Design.

The Vibrant World of Decor and Design in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, also referred to as the “City of Gold” is not only the biggest city in South Africa but is also known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity leading to the most creative and unique designs. With so many inspirations surrounding Joburg, from our breathtaking views of the vibrant city to the rich heritage of our varied cultures, decor and design scenes in Johannesburg are ever-changing and the core of inspiration for interior design companies in South Africa, like SWD.

Iconic Design Projects in Johannesburg

Looking for some inspiration for your next project? Discover leading design projects in the city with us and get your creative juices flowing.

Victoria Yards: Lorentzville

Victoria Yards is a lovely example of a thriving community that takes a spin at redefining urban landscapes and design in Johannesburg. With tenants that are community-focused and driven by harnessing skill development, you are sure to experience a unique take on design styles. Find charming artisanal studios, skills development initiatives and a refreshing take on urban farming when you walk through the collection of buildings. Visit their ‘First Sundays’ events to experience their community vibe fully!

44 Stanley: Braamfontein Werf

Found in Braamfontein Werf, 44 Stanley is an urban retro-chic collection of independent boutique stores, restaurants and working spaces. Not only do the unique shops provide you with the latest design trends. You will no doubt be inspired by the property itself! Made up of a collection of buildings from the 1930s, the property has been transformed into an alternate shopping centre. The buildings have used contemporary and modern designs to be revamped into individual spaces and have shady arcades and green courtyards dotted in and around the urban retro-chic maze, bringing the outdoors in.

Maboneng Precinct: Downtown Jozi

Once a dreary downtown suburb, Maboneng has been rejuvenated by local like-minded artists to create a thriving community that boasts work-live life, trending food scenes and iconic urban design spaces. Visit this community to shed light on the latest urban-chic meets African-inspired decor and design. You will find inspiring mixes of materials that unify city living and modern design. A definite must-see!

Bamboo Centre: Melville

Situated in the quirky suburb of Melville, this shopping centre comprises individually owned businesses ranging from food, books, preowned clothes and lifestyle shops. Contemporary meets traditional styles here that boasts individuality. Perfect for a Saturday morning inspiration trip.

Tips for Creating Johannesburg-Inspired Interiors

Creating the iconic Joburg feel in your home is super attainable. Here is a short checklist of some essentials that every Joburg-inspired interior has:

  • Cultural diversity: Embrace the long-told stories of our rainbow nation using tribal patterns, artwork and photography.

  • South African Colours: Our landscape has one of the most breathtaking colour palettes! Choose from golden grassland hues, vibrant bushveld greens and stunning ocean blues.

  • Indigenous Materials: Turn your space into an authentic, sustainable space using indigenous materials. Mix and match the materials to celebrate your style.

  • Lighting: Our country is renowned for its climate and stunning weather. Use natural and warm lighting to mimic our sunny skies and warm summers. Natural light is essential to creating open spaces and connecting with the outdoors.

Spotlight on Local Designers

There are many interior design companies in Johannesburg, one of which stands out is Sarah Watermeyer Design. Having studied theatre design at the University of Cape Town, our founder, Sarah, has a keen understanding and take on how interior spaces should work for the people who live and work in them. Sarah is inspired by her love of architecture and uses her passion for creating interior spaces that celebrate life and all things South African.

The team at Sarah Watermeyer Design is passionate about creating new spaces and repurposing existing homes for today’s lifestyle and our clients’ needs. Over the past 26 years, we have designed stunning spaces in locations such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, The Bahamas, Shropshire (UK), Stutterheim, Plettenberg Bay, Leopard Creek, Gowrie, Mbona (midlands) and Leshiba (Limpopo).

We have an extensive portfolio of residential work and create beautiful spaces that reflect the African spirit.

Contact us for a more in-depth conversation about your new project.


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